The History of Champion Porsche Dealer Miami

If you’re looking for a new Porsche in Miami, consider shopping at Champion Porsche. This dealership offers the largest selection in the area and excellent customer service. Find out more about the different cars available at Champion Porsche and how to lease or finance a car. Plus, learn about the history of the dealership.

The Different Cars at Champion Porsche

A former employee of Champion Porsche of Pompano Beach, Florida, has been accused of fraud. He allegedly took more than $2.5 million from customers in deposits and never returned them. The dealership claims that it did not know about the fraudulent scheme. The company has been sued in a separate lawsuit by a customer who was overcharged for two 911 R models and received a delayed delivery. The company was also involved in two bank account bounced checks and a complaint filed by a former employee.

The Porsche Panamera is an incredibly luxurious car. It has an ample list of standard features and boasts a powerful V6 engine. It is a car that can rival the Mercedes-Benz GLC and Audi Q5. Its exterior design and powerful engine make it one of the top choices of Miami car buyers.

Shiraaz Sookralli joined the Champion Porsche sales team in 2007 and became the vice president of marketing in 2017. His first task was to manage the Porsche 911 GT reservations. Because demand for the Porsche 911 GT3 RS is high and production is limited, buyers are willing to pay as much as $20-30 grand a year in advance.

Porsche is known for the highest standards of automotive technology and design. The dealership offers world-famous models, including the Porsche 911, Macan, and Cayenne. In addition to the 911, the dealership also carries the Porsche Panamera. Its powerful engine can accelerate quickly and smoothly and comfortably seat up to 5 people.

Lease and Finance Options at Champion Porsche

When buying a Porsche, knowing about all the different financing and lease options available to you is important. Some of these options can be more affordable than others and can be an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. You can even finance your car through a dealership with poor credit. Click the link below to read more info about Porsche Dealer In Miami

There are also special lease plans that you can take advantage of. Most leasing plans include all the accessories needed to operate your new Porsche. They are also competitively priced, and you can lease a Porsche quickly and easily. If you decide to finance your Porsche, you’ll need to know the model’s resale value, which will affect the price of your lease.

The Services Offered by Champion Porsche

The legal battle over Sookralli’s fraudulent behavior began last year when Sookralli opened a shell corporation resembling Champion Porsche. He opened a bank account in the new company’s name and entered bogus sales orders with customers. These sales orders often involved highly sought-after Carrera 911 models. To complete the transactions, victims were required to pay deposits to Sookralli via wire transfers, bank checks, and cash.

U.S. marshals arrested Sookralli in southern Florida for his part in the scheme. Sookralli is facing charges of mail and wire fraud. In addition, federal prosecutors say he engaged in money laundering.

Sookralli joined the sales staff at Champion Porsche in 2007 and became vice president of marketing. One of his first tasks was to handle Porsche 911 GT reservations. The 911 GT3 RS is the object of mind-bending desire, and buyers will pay $20 to thirty grand advance to secure one. Since only a few of these cars are manufactured, the demand is high.

The History of Champion Porsche

The History of Champion Porsche Dealer Miami has made headlines more than once this year. Located on a 22-acre campus near the Atlantic Ocean, the dealership has become known for its friendly, knowledgeable service. It is also one of the most exclusive Porsche dealerships in the country. Buyers are known to wait years to secure a 911 GT3 RS, which has a high demand and price tag. Useful Reference Champion Porsche Dealer

The case stems from allegations of fraud against a former employee of the dealership. The former vice president of marketing, Shiraaz Sookralli, disappeared with over $2 million in customer deposits. Despite the accusations, the dealership has maintained that it did not know about this scam. However, the defendant was named in a separate lawsuit against the dealership in 2016. The suit claims that the defendant overcharged customers by thousands of dollars for never delivered cars.

A federal investigation is continuing. Among the alleged victims are 24 people who Sookralli scammed. Many of them have retained legal representation. The dealership’s silence has only contributed to the growing controversy. Social media accounts have been set up dedicated to bashing the dealership. A Rennlist thread is also dedicated to uncovering what the dealership knew about the scam.

Champion Porsche was founded in 1988 and has since grown into one of the top Porsche dealerships in the country. Its campus is spread across 22 acres in Pompano Beach. The facility boasts an authentic Porsche Driver’s Select gear collection and provides world-class Porsche service.

Champion Porsche’s Place in the Community

The International Race of Champions was the first event to feature the Porsche RSR. The race brought together the best of the racing community from the United States and Europe in 911 RSRs. Though the race was new, it quickly captured the hearts of race fans worldwide. The event was also accompanied by a spectacular television package that matched the star power of the participating drivers.

The event was a great success, thanks to the event’s organizers. The photographs and videos produced are an excellent representation of the event, but the experience of being there was priceless. There was much to admire and learn about Porsche, and the brand ambassadors were there to meet the public.


If you’re looking for an exclusive and top-quality Porsche dealership, look no further than Champion Porsche. But beware of scams – as former vice president of marketing Shiraaz Sookralli is accused of defrauding customers out of millions of dollars. If you’re considering purchasing a car from Champion Porsche, do your research and be sure to ask questions to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.